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Heraclitus Collection

Heraclitus - Ephesus

'' ethos anthropos daimon.''

''Man's character is his destiny.''

Passionate and powerful

Pencil bracelet and ring.


Hades, the god of the underworld, is the owner of the Underworld and dark treasures. One day, he sees Persephone, protected by his mother, and falls in love with her. Hades makes an agreement with Zeus to kidnap Persephone, and Zeus is such a father that he places the beautiful Narcissus flower, which attracts his daughter's attention the most, in the fertile garden where they always go to pick flowers. While Persephone was picking the Narcissus flower, the ground opened and Hades kidnapped her with his four-horse chariot. Persephone in Bernini's sculpture faces Hades     He tries to resist, pushes her with his hands, but he is not strong enough and disappears. Her grieving mother Demeter, the god of soil, agriculture and fertility, leaves Olympus and wanders the earth. The land is no longer fertile, people are starving. Realizing that he has lost his power and is doomed to Demeter's powers, Zeus makes a new deal with Hades and arranges for Persephone and Demeter to meet. When Persephone comes to the surface, when Demeter looks into her daughter's eyes, she realizes that she is no longer an innocent girl and that she has undergone a significant transformation after her underground life, and a transformation begins within the earth. Each year, after the autumn crops are harvested, Persephone will return to Hades in Tartarus for the winter months. The land will remain barren. When God Helios once again warms the Earth with his sun, Persephone will leave Tartarus and return to Demeter. Nature will come to life, flowers will bloom and seeds will produce crops. 

Lotte Ring

Persephone's story represents the strength and uniqueness of who you are today and you are proud of who you are.



''HE''a word game

The one who tells, the one who tells, the one who tells what is told.
Discover the curved keystone form of the Lipogram necklace.

Lipogram Collection

Intertwined curved forms of gold and silver
It emphasizes its natural shine.

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