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All of our scented candles are handmade using our original formula, a completely natural soy and beeswax mixture, and cotton wicks with natural wood / paper particles.

Our candles do not contain paraffin or phthalate, and special wicks made of cotton and paper threads are used.

Our wicks have the feature of shortening on their own. However, if you see a small buildup on the wick after burning, please wait for the candle to cool and cut off this section before your next use.

Epigraph 2

  • High notes: Pineapple

    Middle notes: Vanilla, sandalwood

    Base notes: Caramel

  • Our candles will remember the size of the melting pool each time they are lit and will try to provide a melting pool of the same size the next time they are lit. For ideal use, wait at least 2 hours each time you light the candle to make sure that the melting pool spreads all over your glass.

    It is important to keep the burning candle on a flat, fire-resistant surface. Please do not move the candle while it is burning. Cotton wicks bend during burning, and moving the candle can cause the wicks to bend even more and extinguish the flame.

    Natural waxes have a lower melting temperature than paraffin. Although this feature causes our candles to burn longer, it can cause problems if the candles are stored in direct sunlight or above 30°C. So please keep your candles indoors and in cool places.

    Please read the safety instructions on the bottom of the candle glass.

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