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Hexo Silver Lolita Lock


The altar was designed in reference to Kaplan's novel "Aloda"...


Dedicated Novel: Aloda - Altar Kaplan


Lolita lock is a functional piece that you can have separately from strings of semi-precious stones, strings of pearls and chains, and that you can combine different pieces together. 

Lolita lock round and hexagon  It can be ordered with 2 different Swarovski crystals.

Hexo Silver Lolita Lock

  • You can use it by combining it with your precious and semi-precious necklaces, or with strings of pearls and different chain options that you can obtain from us, in the size you like to use. 

    Lolita lock is 18 carat micron gold plated on 925 carat silver.

    Lolita Lock is produced with micron gold plating options so that you can use it with your jewelry.

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