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There is a boatman who brings the souls of the dead through the river Styx, his name is Kharon. Kharon gets paid to transport dead souls. For this reason, an obolos (penny) was put in the mouths of the dead. The cruel boatman, Kharon, exorcised souls who could not pay the price and would never soften. It was not possible for the souls that were not buried in the ground to reach the land of Hades. Unburied souls hovered in the air for a hundred years.

Referenced Work : Papadopoulos Apartment - Altar Kaplan


Among the oil paintings, especially in the size of 35/50, which he draws layer by layer with a spatula; The church in the right corner, the synagogue adjacent to it, the mosque and minaret in the left corner, and the Galata Tower, painted in almost every color, in the middle, all in dark green; a yellow boat with red sails on the blue sea below; blue sky above; The sun in the upper right corner, the wind blowing towards the church next to it, four interlocking clouds over the mosque on the other side, and two white horizontal lines on the left side and three vertical lines on the right side of the canvas… This piece of work called "Kharon" caught my attention. It was not in vain that the composition in the painting was like this, besides being visually interesting as far as he told it; Since Judaism was the foundation of Christianity, the church was leaning against the synagogue, it was shorter than him; three vertical lines next to the church pointed to the trinity; the fact that the mosque was on the other side showed that it was fundamentally different from the other two; the two horizontal lines next to the mosque symbolized Allah and Muhammad, and the four interlaced clouds over them, respectively, the four caliphs; at the very back was Ali, who was round in shape unlike the others and shining like the moon on them. The boat was Kharon's boat, which carried the dead through the styks river, but he worked with passion; like being a supporter of a team… Galata tower was not colorful for nothing, the boat was not in vain yellow and red to represent life, the wind was not blowing towards the church for nothing.



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    - oil painting 35*50 painting...

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