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Lolita Earrings


Aloda, which starts with the sentence "Even if I had lost my mind, I should have enjoyed it...", referring to the opening sentence of Saul Bellow's novel Moses Herzog, "If I was out of my mind, it was nice for me, he thought", continues with the adaptation of the opening sentence of Nabakov's Lolita, and again Nabakov's It ends not with the first sentence of the famous poem in Pale Fire, but with a modified second version of the first sentence. Why does it end with the second version and not the first, because this is why Aloda was written: “I was the shadow of a dying butterfly; Visible in the false distance of the window glass.”


Dedicated Novel:Aloda - Altar Kaplan

Lolita Silver Earrings

  • 925 sterling silver ~12 grams; Medium size, unisex earrings... (Price is for one)

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