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This novel, written by Altar Kaplan with the lipogram technique, can be described as an experimental novel in terms of the mathematical relations contained in the text.

There is no time and place in Aloda. There is an effort to reach a simpler novel. There is only one person in Aloda; Aloda is both the narrator, the narrator and the writer. It has a triple narrative layer, like the event layer.



It is not possible for me to include "Camus Dance" in a certain literary genre.

However, as careful readers will immediately notice, among the characters in my first published novel, "Papadopoulos Apartment"; How "Caliphs Village" comes from the master's thesis written by the character Mehmet; “Aloda” from the book written with lipogram technique that the main character reads; Just as the novels "Between Two Rivers" emerged from the character of İrfan's interest in the Second World War, "Camus Dance" is also the name of the work said to have been written by the character named Ferdi M., who appears in "Papadopulos Apartment", in the novel. In this respect, "Papadopoulos Apartment" is a novel that is still being written...

“The formation of this book has been for me a long-term struggle to escape from the usual way of thinking and expression,” says Keynes at the beginning of his famous work. Even though “Camus Dance” is a novel, there is a causal connection with this sentence… 

I think I should first mention why I named the novel "The Dance of Camus" rather than "The Dance of Camus," which is in accordance with the Turkish spelling. I can say that this choice basically stems from the need to describe the main character in the novel. But I should also add that I pay attention to the aesthetic harmony in the suffixes that should come after the apostrophe. In this way, we can remember both Albert Camus, one of the most influential French writers and thinkers of the 20th century, and the word "camus", which means "water cattle, water buffalo, komüş" in Turkish, together with the pronunciation of the word "people", meaning all state organs. I should point out that I think the word "public" will have the same association in the reader's mind. On the other hand, in order to show that naming the novel in this way was a conscious choice, I used the same expression in the text as "Camus' Dance," in accordance with Turkish spelling rules... 

If I have to say one last thing about the novel; “Camus Dance” consists of three pillars, and while the main text, which we can call the intermediate text that forms the core of the novel, is adorned with issues related to underground literature, the other two texts that feed this text are photo evaluation articles and the other are short stories in the footnotes. In this respect, the fiction of the novel is different from conventional fictions. For this reason, the style of the intertext was written with a different technique than the other texts...

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