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This novel, written by Altar Kaplan with the lipogram technique, can be described as an experimental novel in terms of the mathematical relations contained in the text.

There is no time and place in Aloda. There is an effort to reach a simpler novel. There is only one person in Aloda; Aloda is both the narrator, the narrator and the writer. It has a triple narrative layer, like the event layer.



“Association of Those Who Love Red” is, in a sense, an intertextual novel.

As you may remember, this association is the association mentioned in "Papadopulos Apartment". In this novel, we read the story of this mysterious association, which is said to be located in flat number eleven on the third floor of the building.

The novel was written in three different narrative styles through three characters, and the main character, who is the focus of these three characters in one aspect, was tried to be described with visuals sprinkled throughout the text.

Although these visuals are playful aspects of the text, they were mainly chosen to add a different narrative style to the novel.

Some of the names mentioned in the novel will be remembered from Papadopoulos Apartment, and the connection of the places with other novels and characters that are parts of the same fiction will also be seen.

If I were asked how I would describe the "Society of Lovers of Red" in a single sentence, I think I would answer with David Brin's words: "I'm much more interested in tinkering with possibilities than probabilities, because the things that are likely to happen are much more than the things that actually happen."

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