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Double-Edged Necklace


The altar was designed in reference to Kaplan's novel "Aloda"...


Dedicated Novel: Aloda - Altar Kaplan


We love jewelry that can be redesigned and personalized.

By combining your own pieces with the elegant handmade necklace created by combining the Lolita Hexo lock that can be opened by pressing and the Double Edged Chain  You can create an individual look. 


The Hexo Lolita lock can be worn alone on a chain or used with charms and pendants. When you want to change things up, all you have to do is add a different chain or charm - and voila! A brand new look…

Create your own unique combination that you can carry for a lifetime.

Double-Edged Necklace

₺8,000.00 Regular Price
₺4,800.00Sale Price
  • Double-Edged Necklace offers you a functional jewelery by combining Hexo Silver Lolita Lock and Double Edged Chain.

    Double-Edged Necklace  It is produced in 18 carat micron gold on 35 gr - 925 carat silver. 

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