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Hermes means "Hermes Trimegustus" (Three-blessed Hermes) in Greek. He is the son of Zeus and Maia. He is the messenger of Zeus. He is considered the most cunning of the gods, the fastest of the gods. He also carries an enchanted golden wand named Caduceus. Hermes is referred to as Mercury in Roman mythology. The planet closest to the Sun is named after him. It is claimed that Hermes was originally Thot in Egyptian mythology. Some thinkers are of the opinion that Hermes is Idris in Islamic mythology.

Hermes, who has superior qualities, gets up when he is only a day old, according to the legend, gets out of his cradle, plays a lyre he made from a tortoise shell and has fun with the sounds that come from it. One day, while walking around the countryside, he steals the cows under the protection of the god Apollo. When Apollo learned of the incident, he was very angry; He takes Hermes by the arm and takes him to Zeus to be punished. However, the sounds of Hermes' lyre enchanted Zeus and Apollo. Instead of punishing, Zeus gave Hermes a winged cap and a pair of shoes, making him the messenger of the gods. The messenger Hermes leads the souls of the dead to the underworld; with shepherds, he guides the stray travelers. It was he who took the old King Priam to Achilles' lair to retrieve Hector's body. He is also the one who saved Odysseus from Circe's trap by giving him a plant called Moly.

Referenced Work: Papadopoulos Apartment - Altar Kaplan


He also provided training to the women in the apartment on topics such as sewing and embroidery, fermenting yogurt, making pastries and growing flowers; He did not like the light in his shop and gave him back the Yamaha brand flute he had bought from him, mounted it on a mahogany coffee table and turned it into a rustic table lamp, to use it; He had made jewelry designs such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, had them made by Herbert Cendereci, one of the last remaining silver masters in Galata, and gifted them to the neighbor. He gave me a ring with the inscription "omnia nodes arcanes connexa" on the back, which he said was inspired by Oscar Wilde's belt-shaped ring. She was such an interesting woman.



  • handmade rustic table lamp

    - silver plated french brand side flute

    -mahogany coffee table

    -E27 holder lamp

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