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Solaris Linked Necklace


The altar was designed in reference to Kaplan's novel "Aloda"...


Dedicated Novel: Aloda - Altar Kaplan


We love jewelry that can be redesigned and personalized.

The solaris chain along with the press-to-open Lolita lock makes creating an individual look effortless. Lolita lock  You can combine it with a chain or string of pearls of your own. When you want to change things up, all you have to do is add a different chain or charm - and voila! A brand new look… 

Create your own unique combination that you can carry for a lifetime. 

Solaris Linked Necklace

  • The Solaris Linked Necklace offers a functional jewelery with the combination of the Lolita lock and the Solaris Linked Chain. 

    Solaris Linked Chain 63 gr- 1 micron on 925 sterling silver  It is 18 ayra gold plated. Micron gold plating creates a thick filling on the metal, protecting it from external factors. 



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