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"VITRIOL" written on the back of the ring is an alchemical term. It is a symbolic expression formed by combining the initials of the words in the sentence " Visitation Interiora (Interiorem) Terræ (Tellus) Rectificando Invenies Occultum (Operae) Lapidem ", which consists of seven words in Latin. This sentence translates into Turkish: “ Visit the depths (inside) of the earth, while distilling (purifying) you will find the hidden stone (philosophy stone). It is translated as ”. According to the philosophy of alchemy, the philosopher's stone is the symbol of enlightenment. The main goal of alchemists is to find the philosopher's stone. To find this, they constantly purify and distill stones with fire. They combine stones with stones and work on them. And they know that when they purify the stones with fire, it is their own souls that they purify, not the stones. Finally, according to the myth, the stone reaches its most perfect state, namely the philosopher's stone. While providing immortality, the philosopher's stone also has the power to turn every substance into gold. This is actually a symbolic expression. The alchemists purified their souls with fire, which is the symbol of purification, and aimed to reach the ultimate wisdom and enlightenment. Gold is a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment. Therefore, the philosopher's stone describes a person who has become enlightened, wise and has reached Him. According to the basic philosophy of the VITRIOL myth, a person cannot be enlightened until he is purified in fire, descended to hell and finally transformed into essence.

Dedicated Novel: Between Two Rivers - Altar Kaplan


  • 925 sterling silver ~27 grams; fixed size (64), unisex ring...

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